Our Story

Inspired fragrances from an inspiring land.

Beautiful landscapes. Seasonal joys. The freedom to pursue the things we love. Great American Scents is inspired by the many things that make our country remarkable. Whether your passion is enjoying our gardens and orchards, exploring our mountains and valleys, or trekking our highways and byways, Great American Scents has an artisanal fragrance designed to fit your lifestyle and bring your great American dream home.


Bountiful Garden

“These are nothing like single note, simple accord, fragrances-these are all blended well and capture the essence of their names.”

“Just received my samples and they are all amazing. Gotta say Beet Root and Flowering Herbs run a close tie for first. They are all very good, so earthy and true to description.” – Trecia R.

“Awesome scents! Hard to pick a favorite. Highly recommended.” – Trecia R.

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Gotta Dash

“I was introduced to your product by way of a free trial size offered at last year’s New Albany Walking Classic.  And, I’ve used it as a way to ‘freshen up’ after my lunchtime strength-training workouts.  The gym I attend does not offer shower facilities — so the spray has been a pleasant addition to my post-workout routine for getting back into business attire. Glad to support a local company, especially with a quality product Made in the USA.” – Jenny D.

“[The scent is] not overpowering.”

“No stinky perfume smell.”

“It immediately took the odor away.”

“I liked how it neutralized the smell of my dirty clothes & shoes.”

“I wasn’t self‐conscious to go to class after exercising.”

“Neutralized odor on body and yoga towel/mat during hot yoga class.”